About Corporate Loans

Financial loans in India can be broadly classified into two types

  • Retail Loans
  • Business Loans

Retails loans are offered to individuals for various purposes. Personal loans, Home loans, Vehicle loans, Educational loans, etc., are offered under retail loans.

Business loans or corporate loans are mainly sought out by business owners, corporate and companies, to fulfill their daily business needs or to add to their working capital, to procure raw materials, to acquire assets, etc. It is basically a loan availed to run their business smoothly.

Corporate loans are offered in various kinds:

  • Term loans
  • Line of Credit
  • Working Capital loans
  • Venture loans
  • Real estate loans
  • Equipment loans
  • Loan against future lease rentals
  • Export financing
  • Bill financing
  • Short-term loans

The above is only a few of the numerous financing options available for businesses. The loans are pre-dominantly secured loans and are offered based on the creditworthiness of the applicant and at the discretion of the bank.

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